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oooh, new deviantArt ... stuff ... great ... let's see how long it takes to get used to this oö
Aserlitea Pond  (w.i.p.) by mondillusion
Aserlitea Pond (w.i.p.)
( Alright, I just have to finish the the translations! )

s p e e c h
Litea always tries to keep a friendly sound in her voice, especially  when emotions try to
take it over. If her counterpart is a stranger to her though, there will always  be  a  light
but present distance  in  her  way  of  speaking.  Generally  this  doesn't  stop  her  from
answering politely to everything.

i m p r e s s i o n
On the first meeting the most people consider the silver blonde as arrogant or conceited.
Most of the time this is a side effect of her confidence and her straight,  dignified bearing.
She is acutally a very friendly, helpful being, but her mistrust does not allow her to break
through the distance between herself  and others. She rather keep this a bit longer then
necessary to rate someone correctly.

c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s
( follows, working on the translation )

c l o t h i n g
Mostly Litea decides on warm, light colors and elegant, wide  clothes. She likes revealing
clothes on herself, too, since she is quite satisfied with her  own  body  and  thinks,  that
it's totally okay to show it. Although, when she is around people, she has to wear a coat
or a scarf to hide the crystal und her throat.

h a i r s t y l e
Litea always wears her hair loose, only  while  working  she  bothers to tame her mane of
hair. Sometimes she braids it or pins it up, but most of the time this is just too exhausting.

h e a l t h
The only thing  that  bothers  the  magician  sometimes  are  small  cold.  Everything  more
dangerous is instantly cured by her with fitting  potions or  spells.  That  happened  pretty
often  in  the  last   centuries,   and   since  Litea  is  completely  human  -  apart  from  the
not-aging part -, her immune system is distressing and above-average weak. All the more
she has to support it manually, so that it just gets weaker and weaker.

h i s t o r y
( follows, working on the translation )

Aserlitea and Drhav are mine.
Charakter Sheet is mine.
Witch's Circle "Gurdians of Night" and its Symbol by Lêyla, wonderful friend.
Please tell me about every mistake that I made, so that I can improve my english in every possible way <3. Thank you x3.

Good To Be Bad

Loki pushed the pedal to the metal. Right behind the Jaguar F-Type Coupé in British Racing Green the get-away vehicle burst into flames and just a few seconds later, he turned into the forest road. As soon as he left the woods behind, the mobile attached to the hands-free system rang. The black-haired man gazed to the passenger, since he assumed to know who was calling. The name shining on the display confirmed his assumption: Tony Stark, their boss.
“It's Mr. Stark”, he told his partner, before taking the call. “Yes, Sir?”
“You know, you don't have to call me that”, said the voice out of the speakers. Loki didn't answer to that. He always had been more formal than Tony, who offered nearly all of his colleagues to call him by his first name – if he happened to like them. Loki didn't accept that offer.
“Well, I estimate everything worked out smoothly. When will you arrive here?”
Loki checked the time on the panel. “With the new car we can make it there in one and a half hours.” Again a sly grin flickered on his lips. He loved the Jaguar by now, she reacted to the slightest order.
“Perfect.” Tony sounded satisfied. “Can Thai hear me?”
“Yes”, Loki answered.
“Good. Thai”, Stark now addressed Loki's partner. “I'm uploading some documents on the server, amongst others the first details for your next appointment.”
“The laptop is in the glove compartment”, Loki explained to him.
Half an hour to go, he guessed, then he would reach the highway.
[RP Starter] Good To Be Bad
This is an Loki Alternative Universe Roleplay I started some weeks ago but my partner doesn't have time at the moment ... I just hope he comes back soon because I pretty much love it by now!
I kinda miss it already ... haha ^^".

I do not own Loki or any other Marvel Character.
Hello english folks out there.
I don't know if you already realized, but English is not my mother tongue. Though I'm often told I'm quite good at it, I must say that it's pretty hard to write a fanfiction in English. So if there is someone outside who has time to become my Beta-Reader (I dun even know if that's the right word?) and work through my texts with me I'd be very happy! It'd be great if you like Loki Laufeyson, because my current project is a fanfiction about. It wouldn't be so good for you to read texts about a character you hate, would it? x'D So yeah ...
My current problems with english are the right vocabularies and the wording of some sentences. So. Okay, if anyone is interested, please write me!
Well um, I dunno but I kinda wanted to mention that I just returned from a gorgeous shooting with a friend of mine! He made such stunning photos of me, like the new ID of mine! I am so amazed~ and he pushed my confidence today so high! Maybe I'll upload some pictures in a seperate folder here ...
Well, thank you for reading, in love,
me again. :33
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I haate writing 'bout myself .. so .. just gonna write something 'bout these interests and~ see o:
Ah, first: My english isn't as good as it should be ^^so I apologize for random mistakes

Name: Ela, Miica
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 23rd of January
Languages: German, English, learning Japanese

Questions? Ask *q* But yeah~ sometimes I bite .-.
Random Facts:
1. Apparently I am capable of self-reflection.
2. My favourite song of the moment is Tears of an Angel RyanDan.

Favorite visual artist
Ehm~ hm. Well I really like Lily - anyone remembers her?

Favorite movies
Horror! *q* Best with little mystery and psycho ^_^ Though I'm a scaredy cat at all ...

Favorite TV shows
I don't watch TV often ... but I like How I Met Your Mother and Simpson and Scrubs and all this stuff most :3

Favorite bands / musical artists
Oh~ this would be a long list. At the moment it's very ... messy. Maybe Breaking Benjamin, the good ol' boy.

Favorite books
I read a lot of vampire stuff ... there are so many books I read, but nothing I'd call my favorite book ... But I think, like the storys of Edgar Allan Poe most. At the moment I'm reading Game of Thrones by the way, though I kinda stuck at the second one.

Favorite writers
Yep, that definetly would be Edgar A. Poe and Stephen King.

Favorite games
No need to think about it: Skyrim. I played Assasins Creed, too, and I loved it but I only got through two or three games /: .

Cosplay. I like Cosplay. I do not have enough money for cosplay. My first Cos was Deidara - and it was pretty shitty, though I love to bring my Akatsuki coat around to conventions xD. Well, I'm thinking about doing Alois Trancy, but I didn't actually planned it by now.

So many, so many: BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Animes, Avengers (not much by now, just in love with Loki), Led Apple, Game Of Thrones and The Vampire Diaries. NEW: Pretty Little Liars. I am watching it right now, stuck in season 3. Love it!

I'm not really watching Animes atm ... mostly because first there was Dr. Who, the Supernatural and Game of Thrones and now there is Pretty Little Liars and Avengers (yesu, shame on me, still haven't seen all movies ^^"). Well~, but. Still there are many Animes I like/love! There'd be Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Detektiv Conan, Free!, Attack on Titan, Death Note (naturally x'D) uhm~ and Kuroko no Basuke! ;3

By the way, If anyone who actually reads this has any kind of Art that I could like due to my interests above: Please, you are free to leave a comment and to draw my attention to your art! I'd enjoy that!

That shall be enough for today ... maybe I'm gonna add some random Infos sometimes. ^^" Have a wonderful day!

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